Why Eat Like An Italian?

The Mediterranean Lifestyle offers food that is both delicious and healthy. On this website, we discuss "why" this is the case, and "how" you can incorporate the wisdom of past generations into your modern routines. Buon appetito!

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Italy - The BEST of Mediterranean Cuisine

20 Best Italian Cheeses

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When you hear “Eat Like an Italian,” what comes to mind?

Does it imply healthy Mediterranean food or the most delicious cuisine in the world?
Well, how about both? (Obviously!)

34 Italian Food Rules

Several years ago I wrote an article entitled, “Five Italian Food Rules that Foreigners Need to Know.” It was inspired by a few of the (many) reprimands that I’d received in

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12 Surprising Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

12 Surprising Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

There are few things more satisfying than discovering that one of your favorite ingredients is also incredibly good for you – and if you didn’t know already, this is the case with olive oil. Compared to most other cooking oils, olive oil has the potential to help a wide range of health conditions due to

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Start the Mediterranean Diet

Start the Mediterranean Diet in 6 Easy Steps

Starting a new diet is always more daunting than maintaining a routine of healthy eating. The Good News: You can Start the Mediterranean Diet in Six Easy Steps. Let’s see how… The secret is to take it slow and easy, just one “bite” at a time, as it were. One of the surest ways to undermine

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Campari Cocktail Recipes

Campari Cocktail Recipes

In the United States, there is no discrimitnation when it comes to enjoying an array of alcoholic beverages from around the world. Russian vodka, Mexican tequila, Scotch whiskey, and Jamaican rum are all consumed without prejudice.  In Italy, however, one spirit stands alone: that violently-red, bitter elixir that finds its way into almost every Italian

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mediterranean diet menu

Mediterranean Diet Menu

An authentic Mediterranean Diet menu is nearly impossible to find at restaurants in the United States. Most places that claim to be Mediterranean—whether they be Italian, Greek, Spanish, or something else—invariably fall back into the American comfort zone of Mediterranean “sounding” dishes that depart significantly from the genuine, traditional way of eating found in their

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Italian Cuisine 101 Herbs

Italian Cuisine 101: Herbs

If you are interested in learning about Italian cuisine then herbs is always a great place to start. These herbs create the base flavor in most Italian dishes, so once you have a good grasp of each herb, what it tastes like, what it pairs well with, and what dishes use the herb, then you

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Regional Cuisines of Italy

What Are the Authentic Regional Cuisines of Italy

One of the main reasons that so many travelers flock to Italy every year is to indulge in the rich food culture. Italian restaurants are found in every corner of the globe—yet what passes for “Italian food” in other countries is often a vague approximation of the genuine regional cuisines of Italy. Still, it would

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While living in Italy for several years, I accidentally discovered the many glorious benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet. I say “accidentally” because it wasn’t a conscious effort, but rather the natural consequence of trying my best to adapt to the local culture.

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