Why Eat Like An Italian?

The Mediterranean Lifestyle offers food that is both delicious and healthy. On this website, we discuss "why" this is the case, and "how" you can incorporate the wisdom of past generations into your modern routines. Buon appetito!

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Italy - The BEST of Mediterranean Cuisine

20 Best Italian Cheeses

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When you hear “Eat Like an Italian,” what comes to mind?

Does it imply healthy Mediterranean food or the most delicious cuisine in the world?
Well, how about both? (Obviously!)

34 Italian Food Rules

Several years ago I wrote an article entitled, “Five Italian Food Rules that Foreigners Need to Know.” It was inspired by a few of the (many) reprimands that I’d received in

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Italian vs Spanish Food

Italian vs Spanish Food

Italian food is considered by many to be the best cuisine in the world. This website is obviously biased, but as we have demonstrated in many articles, there are endless varieties of regional dishes that can be classified as “Italian classics” that are loved around the world. Spanish food is lesser-known in the U.S., but

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Foods That Help Fight Cancer

Foods That Help Fight Cancer

It’s easy to take for granted during our busy routines, but food plays such an important part of our lives. It nourishes us, it comforts us, it connects us to our culture… and it can help heal us, too.  Cancer is a serious illness that affects millions of people around the world. While there is

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intermittent fasting diet vs fasting mimicking diet

Intermittent Fasting Diets

An intermittent fasting diet… doesn’t sound too appealing, does it? Even before you wade into the details, you’re already pretty sure that you wouldn’t like it, battling hunger pangs the whole while. Well, that may or may not be true, but what do intermittent fasting diets look like in practice? First of all, fasting has

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Italian Street Food

Italian Street Food: Italian Food 101

When it comes to street food, Italian might not be the first kind of cuisine that comes to mind. However, the Italian culture is rife with a wide assortment of delicious street foods designed to tantalize your taste buds! The great thing about Italian food is that it tends to have a homely feel, and

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Italian Eggplant Recipes

15 Awesome Italian Eggplant Recipes To Try Today

When most people (outside of Italy) think of Italian food, they probably think of pizza and pasta. But in reality, Italian cuisine is significantly more complex, featuring a wide array of tastes from right across Italy’s regions. While much of the country’s cuisine is Mediterranean in character, dishes from the North and the mountainous interior

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Italian Wine Explained

Italian Wines Explained: Italian Culture 101

Italy produces the second most wine in the world by volume, behind France. However, there is a vast amount of wines that are created, they are all different. There are around 20 different regions in Italy that all produce wines. Regional Italian foods and wines evolved side by side over many generations, and therefore always

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While living in Italy for several years, I accidentally discovered the many glorious benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet. I say “accidentally” because it wasn’t a conscious effort, but rather the natural consequence of trying my best to adapt to the local culture.

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