Why Eat Like An Italian?

The Mediterranean Lifestyle offers food that is both delicious and healthy. On this website, we discuss "why" this is the case, and "how" you can incorporate the wisdom of past generations into your modern routines. Buon appetito!

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Italy - The BEST of Mediterranean Cuisine

20 Best Italian Cheeses

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When you hear “Eat Like an Italian,” what comes to mind?

Does it imply healthy Mediterranean food or the most delicious cuisine in the world?
Well, how about both? (Obviously!)

34 Italian Food Rules

Several years ago I wrote an article entitled, “Five Italian Food Rules that Foreigners Need to Know.” It was inspired by a few of the (many) reprimands that I’d received in

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How to Use Truffles in Cooking

How to Use Truffles in Cooking

Before you use truffles in cooking let’s review exactly what they are… Truffles are a type of fungi that grow underground near the roots of trees. They are highly sought after for their unique flavor and are used in a variety of Italian dishes. While they can be pricey, a little goes a long way,

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Best Food In Puglia

The Best Food In Puglia – Top 10

Like many regions in the South of Italy, the best food in Puglia comes from a tradition of cucina povera, “peasant food.” This was common in the evolution of regional cuisine throughout the Mediterranean where the ingredients were historically difficult to procure, but at the same time they were nutritionally dense, delicious, and worked into

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stop italian sounding

STOP Italian Sounding Products!

In the United States, there are Italian sounding products wherever you turn, and the average American consumer might even be forgiven for falling prey to the imposters. Frappuccino, Chicken Florentine, and Parmesan cheese, to name a few of the most conspicuous offenders. Thankfully there is a crusader on a mission to expose these profiteers. Today

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I'm  Rick

While living in Italy for several years, I accidentally discovered the many glorious benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet. I say “accidentally” because it wasn’t a conscious effort, but rather the natural consequence of trying my best to adapt to the local culture.

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