Why Eat Like An Italian?

The Mediterranean Lifestyle offers food that is both delicious and healthy. On this website, we discuss "why" this is the case, and "how" you can incorporate the wisdom of past generations into your modern routines. Buon appetito!

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Italy - The BEST of Mediterranean Cuisine

20 Best Italian Cheeses

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When you hear “Eat Like an Italian,” what comes to mind?

Does it imply healthy Mediterranean food or the most delicious cuisine in the world?
Well, how about both? (Obviously!)

34 Italian Food Rules

Several years ago I wrote an article entitled, “Five Italian Food Rules that Foreigners Need to Know.” It was inspired by a few of the (many) reprimands that I’d received in

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Mediterranean Diet For Mental Health

Mediterranean Diet For Mental Health

The health benefits of The Mediterranean Diet are well documented, especially with regards to preventing cardiovascular disease, Type II Diabetes, and even many cancers. But more recently, physicians are beginning to prescribe The Mediterranean Diet for mental health, too. In a world where the pursuit of mental well-being has become increasingly vital, the link between

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Mistakes on the Mediterranean Diet

Top 10 Mistakes on the Mediterranean Diet

Yes, you can make mistakes on the Mediterranean Diet. And it’s more common than you’d think. As often cited on this blog, the Mediterranean Diet, renowned for its health benefits and delicious flavors, has gained significant attention in recent years with the popularity of The Blue Zones, The Longevity Diet, and the like. With its

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Spaghetti Carbonara

Pasta alla Romana

Second courses in Rome often feature various frattaglie (innards) and scarti (scraps) and other parts of the quinto quarto (the so-called “fifth quarter,” or in other words, whatever the butcher scrapes off the floor after he’s done properly quartering the animal). While delicious when prepared properly, these dishes don’t necessarily translate well on the written

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Why Do Italians Live Longer

Why Do Italians Live Longer Than Americans?

If you’re like me, you’ve often asked yourself, “Why do Italians live longer and stay so trim while consuming daily portions of pasta?” Perhaps you even read the article debunking the notion that pasta makes you fat. Vindication for feeding my Italian daughter pasta every day! Yes, for me, it’s comforting to see occasional examples

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The Food of Campania

The Food of Campania

Campania is the area just south of Rome’s Lazio region. This is the part of Italy that most of us think of when we entertain our fantasies of sunny weather, Sophia Loren, and the soundtrack of those classic Italian folk songs. “O’ sole mio…”For Italian-Americans in particular, this area holds a sentimental place in our

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What Is An Aperitivo In Italy?

What Is An Aperitivo In Italy?

I’d like to mention one of my favorites of all Italian traditions: the aperitivo. What is an aperitivo in Italy? The term literally means “to open your appetite,” and as you might have noticed, the word sounds close to what we would call an “appetizer” in English, and that’s partly what it is—a little appetizer

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While living in Italy for several years, I accidentally discovered the many glorious benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet. I say “accidentally” because it wasn’t a conscious effort, but rather the natural consequence of trying my best to adapt to the local culture.

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