What's For Dinner?

Eat like an Italian, whether dining in a restaurant in Italy, or cooking at home like nonna used to do. 

The Mediterranean Lifestyle offers cuisine that is both delicious and healthy. On this website, we discuss "why" this is the case, and "how" you can incorporate the wisdom of generations past into your modern routines. Buon appetito!

When you hear “Eat Like an Italian,” what comes to mind?

Does it imply healthy Mediterranean food or the most delicious cuisine in the world?
Well, how about both? (Obviously!)

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Origins of The Mediterranean Diet

​The late U.S. physiologist Ancel Keys is the person most closely associated with popularizing the origins of the Mediterranean Diet. He coined the term when he published the findings of his ongoing research throughout his career, while spending a great deal of time living Southern Italy, in the tiny village of Pioppi, just south of Naples.

crimes against Italian food

Crimes Against Italian Food

There have been many crimes committed in the last century or so… crimes against Italian food. And paesano mio, the results are not pretty. Listen, I get it. It takes effort to stay on the path of righteousness, especially when every marketing message is praising the bounty of Olive Garden’s endless pasta bowl (with unlimited

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Breakfast for Mediterranean Diet

Breakfast for Mediterranean Diet

“What’s a good breakfast for Mediterranean Diet followers?” is a question I often hear. The confusion is easy to appreciate when you see things like “Eggs Florentine,” or “Greek Omelet” on a breakfast menu in the United States. Spoiler Alert: Those concoctions do not exist in their namesake countries, and certainly not for breakfast! Those

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Intermittent Fasting Diets

Intermittent Fasting Diets

An intermittent fasting diet… doesn’t sound too appealing, does it? Even before you wade into the details, you’re already pretty sure that you wouldn’t like it, battling hunger pangs the whole while. Well, that may or may not be true, but what do intermittent fasting diets look like in practice?First of all, fasting has been

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wine is good for you

Is It True That Wine Is Good For You?

​The question of whether or not wine is good for you has been hotly debated. The general consensus is that red wine, in moderation, (maximum 2-3 glasses a day, depending on your age, weight, and sex) can impart cardiac benefits, and contribute to overall well-being.  In Italy, the question is NOT hotly debated. Rather, wine

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Why is the Mediterranean Lifestyle the Best?


In the last few decades, science has confirmed what the Italians have known intuitively for a long time. Eat quality food, have good social networks, sleep enough, and move around. It's just that simple.


Unlike most "diets," the Mediterranean Lifestyle is all about common sense living. Nothing extreme or painful. Just a relaxed approached to a healthy life.


If we take a responsible approach to how we live our own lives, it will also benefit the planet. Conserve energy, don't waste food, respect your environment. The goals are perfectly aligned. 


Well, this point hardly needs anyone's endorsement. But it's worth appreciating that eating quality food makes up happy as well as healthy. Not for nothing that Italian food is the most popular world-wide. 

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It's a lifestyle, not a diet...

The best part of the Mediterranean "Diet" is that it's not a diet at all. There are simple and healthy daily practices that, once assimilated, become unconscious habits of your routine.  Join us on this journey!