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Is It True That Wine Is Good For You?

​The question of whether or not wine is good for you has been hotly debated. The general consensus is that red wine, in moderation, (maximum 2-3 glasses a day, depending on your age, weight, and sex) can impart cardiac benefits, and contribute to overall well-being.  In Italy, the question is NOT hotly debated. Rather, wine […]

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Is Eataly Italian?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or in the Southern United States) for the last decade, no doubt you’ve heard about the super-sized Italian food amusement park called Eataly, iterations of which can be found in (almost) every corner of the globe these days.  In sum, it’s a utopian hub for all good things to […]

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Salad in Italy

During an early vacation​, I ordered a salad in Italy to accompany my dinner at a charming local trattoria. Being from the U.S., I supposed I envisioned our version of a tossed salad or side salad, or in other words, a medium-sized bowl with eight or nine ingredients mixed together, topped with croutons and some […]

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