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A Healthy Diet for Children

​What do Italians feed their kids?Most parents know that, as difficult as it is to stick to a diet yourself, it’s even more challenging to enforce a healthy diet for children. Kids tend to be finicky eaters anyway, and with peer pressure at school and brilliantly targeted marketing by the Big Food industry, it’s really […]

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Origins of The Mediterranean Diet

The late U.S. physiologist Ancel Keys is the person most closely associated with popularizing the origins of the Mediterranean Diet. He coined the term when he published the findings of his ongoing research throughout his career, while spending a great deal of time living Southern Italy, in the tiny village of Pioppi, just south of […]

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Too Much Pasta?

Perhaps you recall several decades ago (circa late 1980s) hearing about the “French Paradox.” In sum, this observation stated that while people in France eat foods high in saturated fats (foie gras, brie cheese, buttery croissants, etc.) they suffered fewer heart attacks than Americans of the same age and socioeconomic status. Further, the French even […]

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