Nutrition Information on The Mediterranean Diet

The traditional Mediterranean Lifestyle offers the healthiest food anywhere... and it's delicious! Buon appetito!

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On Eat Like an Italian, we discuss the nutritional value of the Mediterranean Diet; a culinary tradition born from the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea.

As for Italy, we are generally referring to the South, with its colors, flavors, and its fantastic recipes based on ingredients such as fish, tomato, eggplant, basil, and olive oil ... nutritionally dense and delicious!

Let's explore the healthiest, tastiest recipes of Mediterranean cuisine from Italy, and see how we might incorporate these traditions into our daily lives.

Nutritional Value of Italian Food

What are the hallmarks of this particular cuisine? First of all, the great abundance of foods of plant origin, therefore vegetables and fruit, but also legumes, olive oil as a primary source of fat, fish and poultry and eggs as proteins. The interesting feature of the diet is that it has a low content of saturated fat, less than 7-8%.

Here are just a few articles on the health beneits of Mediterranean Cuisine.

Healthy Ingredients

We are talking about simple ingredients, but which are combined wisely to give life to timeless Italian recipes: certainly among the undisputed “stars” there are the aforementioned tomatoes, which can be used both raw and cooked. But of great importance is extra virgin olive oil, the fundamental condiment for this type of cuisine, and which embellishes the elements of each dish, enhancing the flavors to the maximum.

Another advantage of this cuisine is that many Mediterranean Italian recipes are light, and it is no coincidence that the Mediterranean Diet is not only one of the most famous diets in the world, but it is also part of UNESCO’s world heritage designation.

It all starts with fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. Then just try not to mess them up too much!

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