New L-Protein Supplement for Longevity

A new protein supplement for longevity called L-Protein could be a game changer for those on a mostly plant-based diet who struggle to get enough protein every day

The product is from ProLon, the longevity experts, who are most known for their 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet. This new addition to their product line will help people maintain adequate levels of protein intake while in between rounds of fasting, and as a needed addition to the Mediterranean Diet for those who require extra protein to round out their nutrition plan. 

Here is my video review of this new protein supplement for longevity on YouTube:

I recently had the opportunity to attend a meeting with the ProLon CEO, Joseph Antoun, MD, PhD, who explained the science behind the product, and how it can be used in a healthy diet plan.

The science behind the new L-Protein supplement for longevity is impressive. But as I’ve mentioned in other articles and podcast episodes, I am a huge fan of “real food,” and so I recommend supplements to be used sparingly, and ONLY when I trust the products and the company that makes them. The baseline should always be the traditional Mediterranean Diet. However, on the occasion when you can’t quite reach that standard in our busy world, a little modern innovation can help from time to time.

Think L-Protein might be for you?

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Protein Supplement for Longevity Diet – The Science

The new L-Protein Supplement for longevity is formulated with 25g of complete, plant-based amino acids to support muscle synthesis while also keeping IGF-1 (a pathway known to accelerate the aging process) low for optimal aging. Here are some of the important things to know about the product:

  • High protein, low carbohydrates
  • Plant-based proteins
  • 21 vitamins and minerals sourced from fruits and vegetables
  • Clean ingredients: Plant-based & free from dairy, GMO, soy, and silica

Use it after a workout, as part of a healthy breakfast, or as a snack during your feeding window to stimulate optimal muscle synthesis, to support performance, and promote healthy aging.

Protein Supplement for Longevity

The IGF-1 Hormone’s Effect on Aging

While IGF-1 is important for development in children, research suggests that elevated levels in adults can lead to increased incidence of obesity and many related diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Researchers have also found that older adults with high levels of IGF-1 have an increased risk of death and disease compared to younger adults. (source: National Institute of Health’s Library of Medicine)

The above cite article goes on to say that “While calorie restriction is an important dietary intervention, which increases lifespan through downregulating IGF1 pathway, the role of different macronutrients due to overlapping effects of them have been studied as well. Evidence suggests that increased mortality is associated with higher carbohydrate intake, (specifical sugar) as a result of activating insulin cascade.”

The world’s ONLY patented protein powder to support longevity and healthy aging

Other commercial whey-based and animal-based protein powders trigger the pro-aging pathway IGF-1, which is why regular consumption of excess protein (especially from animal sources) can accelerate the aging process and increase the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Longevity Protein uses a precise formulation of plant-based proteins along with essential vitamins and minerals to strike the optimal balance between protein intake with lower IGF1 levels, supporting muscle health without accelerating aging.

Longevity Protein combines plant proteins from peas, black beans, and chickpeas with extracts from a variety of whole vegetables and mushrooms for optimal digestion, absorption and nourishment. No bloating or gas. Both flavors (chocolate and berry) are consumed during your feeding window to rebuild your muscles and improve your performance.

ProLon’s Longevity Protein is not part of their intermittent fasting product line. It is intended to be consumed during your feeding window as part of your overall daily calories and protein goals during non-fasting periods.

Longevity Protein can be used daily to meet your overall daily protein goals. If you follow a daily intermittent fasting protocol, such as 16-8, be sure to consume this protein during your feeding window.

What is the Difference Between ProLon’s Fasting Shake and Longevity Protein?

The Fasting Shake is part of their intermittent fasting product line. It is intended to be consumed during your fasting window, as it will not break your fast or affect your ketone levels during time restricted feeding (TRF).

Additionally, the Fasting Shake is also intentionally low in protein to stay below our body’s nutrient sensing pathways. Longevity Protein is consumed when you are eating food. It provides calories and a high dose of protein. It can be used as fuel post workout, as part of a healthy breakfast or lunch when you do break your fast, or it can simply be used as a supplement to increase your overall protein intake each day.

Think L-Protein might be for you?

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L-Protein is one ingredient in an overall healthy lifestyle regime. It’s not a “magic bullet” for weight loss, of course. But if you’ve been looking for a protein supplement to support your longevity goals, then ProLon’s L-Protein is exactly what you need.

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